Bloss Dog

Healing activities to celebrate your pet and to thank the people or pets that made your lives richer. For instance, when we discovered that Chance had cancer, my co-worker Annie added Chance to her children’s prayer list. She asked me if it was okay that she and her daughters prayed for Chance each night.

It was so supportive and lovely, I couldn’t quite believe it. Yes, of course it was ok!

After Chance died, I bought a small stuffed animal Golden Retriever and gave it to Annie to give to her daughters to say thank you for all of their Chance prayers.

Sometime afterward, Annie said, I hope it is okay, Allie and Evie named the stuffed animal “Chance” and they take turns bringing him to daycare.

Yes, this was more than ok. I was afraid the children would not know how to handle the news that Chance died and instead, they taught me.